Mole Assessments

Offering full skin checks to catch the first signs of skin cancer so these can be treated early.  One of these assessments could save your life. *THIS SERVICE IS ON HOLD AT PRESENT.*

Dermatology Appointments

Given the Covid 19 pandemic, most hospital appointments have been cancelled. Dr Finbar McGrady has decided to offer video consultations to provide advice. It will be still possible  diagnose and treat the vast majority of dermatological conditions and even provide prescriptions for treatment via electronic means. It may be necessary to arrange a face to face appointment if safe to do so. *FOR FURTHER DETAIL PLEASE SEE PROMOTIONS TAB*



Dr Finbar McGrady is a GP with a special interest in skin condtions. He has experience in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of skin conditions and uses state of the art technologies to diagnose and monitor conditions such as the dermatoscope.

COVID19: Some emergency face to face consultations may be necessary but we need to arrange a video consultation in advance. The price of the video consultation will come off any face to face fee. Please use the BOOK NOW option (above- or scroll down the page) to avail of this service. 

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Dr Finbar’s Skin clinic uses an online booking system for your convenience.  Simply the below steps to arrange your appointment.


Dr Finbar McGrady

GMC 4651242.

Doctor McGrady has been a GP since 2003 and originally trained in aesthetic medicine in 2008. He took on a more substantive role as a GP with Special Interest in Dermatology in the Southern Trust in 2014 following a year long sabbatical in Australia in 2012/13, where he worked as a GP and studied in skin cancer.

He teaches dermatology and skin cancer to GPs and nurses throughout the UK. He was awarded best research project at the 2018 World Congress of Dermoscopy.

He recently updated his Aesthetics training with Visage Cosmetics and offers a range of treatments; from anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, diagnosis of skin lesions, removal of skin tags and cysts, cryotherapy and offers prescription medicines for treatment of signs of skin aging and sun damage.

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